Health Challenges for the Fall

Why wait for New Year’s resolutions to begin considering your physical and mental wellness? Use these tips to start feeling happy and healthy this fall.

#1 Try a Fitness Class

If you’re feeling sedentary and lethargic, get moving! It’s recommended that you take an average of 10,000 steps each day. It can be helpful to start a fitness routine by taking a class if you’re not used to working out. Sign up for Zumba, yoga, spin class, etc. to establish consistency and accountability in your workout routine. Find the right instructor and classes that will work best with your schedule and fitness goals.

#2 Spend Time Outdoors

It’s counterproductive to try working at your desk through lunch. You’re more focused and productive after taking a break in the middle of the day. During lunch, try a change in scenery. Enjoy your lunch outdoors when the weather is nice. When you’ve finished your meal, take a quick walk around the building. Some light physical activity will keep your energy levels up.

#3 Limit Technology

Studies have shown that “screen time” before bed can negatively impact your sleep cycle. This includes the time that you spend in front of your phone, computer, tablet, etc. The blue lights that are emitted by the screens keep your brain active and engaged, which will prevent you from falling asleep sooner. Not to mention, limiting your use of technology during the evening will give you more time and opportunity to do something productive.

#4 Keep a Mood Journal

Your physical health and mental health are equally important to monitor. In addition to tracking your physical activity, you should also take note of how you're feeling. Challenge yourself to keep a “mood journal.” Write down the reflections of your highs and lows. What happened that made you feel happy or sad? What patterns do you notice?

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